The Fair & The Ferris Wheel

15 June 2024 See all posts

The Fair & The Ferris Wheel

I don’t (yet) understand the world well enough (do you?). It seems extremely complex and extremely simple at the same time. So many things seem to stand on very fragile foundations. It seems very nascent. Like we are still beginning. We are in our infancy.

Things I see around, this life I get to live, it seems to have been made possible because of these very narrow niches and groups of people. Who are they? How did we get to this point in time in history. What changed? Can we go back? Or is there no back, that the same point of some history never comes back.

This is probably very naive. But I feel a sense of urgency, this feeling that the world might come down to pieces. Some black swan event. This could be the last chance for us as a civilization. We've fared extremely well using the abundant amounts of oil we've had beneath the ground but it's already becoming harder and harder to extract them. AND "you can't go from burning wood to making nuclear reactors".

This life you're living, it is NOT the default state for us because it has never been. The entire history of humanity has been one of “short, poverty-stricken, ignorant, and fearful lifetimes”. This is still true in so many parts of the world. And there is no objective reason why the future can't be bleak, unless we prevent it.

And the thing is, almost nobody seems to talk about it. Seems to care about it. Seems to not take it all for granted. Do you?

Then tell me, tell me!! What is the road to heaven? And do you even want it?

Tell me, how did we get to this point? Tell me how you do it all over again? And tell me how do you do it on Mars? And tell me if there is a better goal to pursue? Yes, a post-abundant society where people don’t have to worry to put food on their table, and afford good lives, but also tell me; didn’t we already solve this a 100 years ago?

People seem to be clowns and they behave as if the world is a circus.

So anon, think. THINK. How do you save the world from apocalypse?

(thanks badal for the title)