On humble beginnings

22 Oct 2023 See all posts

On Humble Beginnings

There is an intuition that there may come a time where these humble beginnings become, not a liberating, but a limiting factor, in the pursuit of all that could be, of all that is yet to come.

We are who we are because of our circumstances. But circumstances don't matter that much. Possibilities do, and since there are infinite possibilities for things to happen, for things to be created, life is infinitely great and, important.

The point is that local maximas might just be too alluring, and fundamentally pessimistic. And I am scared of them. Maybe what ultimately matters is our creative act.

I (believe) am more optimistic than the average person. Optimistic about my own future, and the future of our civilization (though only if I and we work towards it)

Since I don’t (yet) have the intellectual capability of debating someone like Yud, and I see people from both extremes, I’d rather choose to be naively optimistic than even be 50-50. It isn’t even game theory optimal I think. If you are saying I am going to die no matter what I do, why the fuck should I listen to you?

But there is a gap in my worldview, and this gap brings forth a kind of subtle pessimistic/cynical outlook on life. Which is that I don’t yet understand how people can accept mediocrity, and how people can even encourage it. But there has to be an answer, there most probably is one! And this is the thing that scares me the most. I may not even want to listen to it.

The argument might be that what is "mediocrity" is subjective. But that might be the most unfortunate thing. People tend to be mediocre with respect to their own defintion of it.

Please can I just have my agi employees?